Twin Cities Area


The Twin Cities area is home to many bike trails of various types and difficulty levels. Listed below are some recommended Twin City area trails. 

Adventure or Easy Ride – The Choice is Yours!

All Trails E-Bikes considers Mountain Bike trails to be adventure rides and paved or gravel trails are easy rides. 

How to Rent an E-Bike for the Twin Cities Area

To reserve an E-Bike for any of the Twin City areas trails, select the Twin Cities area when making your reservation and tell us which trail you plan to ride. 

We will contact you to confirm the delivery time and location and any other necessary details. 

Don’t see your trail listed?

No worries, just let us know during the reservation process and we will contact you to confirm the location and availability of delivery.

Not sure where to ride?

User our Contact Us form to request a recommendation based on your interests and needs. 

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Twin Cities Area Trails to Consider

Lake Rebecca Park Reserve is part of the Three Rivers Park District. 

Lake Rebecca Park Reserve offers 2 options: 1. paved Loop trail around the lake, and 2. a single track mountain bike trail.

Option 1 – Easy Ride

Lake Rebecca Paved Loop Trail

Riders headed to Lake Rebecca have the option of taking a paved trail that makes a loop around the park with views of the lake and ponds. Using one of our Fat Tire E-Bikes will make the frequent hills a breeze. Several picnic tables are located along the trail offering riders a place to stop and take in the views. 

Option 2 – Adventure Ride

Single Track

This Single Track trail covers a wide variety of terrain, weaving in and out of wooded areas with views of the lake and ponds. Read more about this trail on the MTB Project website

In Minneapolis, one of the most popular trails is the loop around the chain of lakes. It is a 15-mile path with dedicated bike lanes and offers wonderful views of the lakes and parks in the area. 

This former railway stretches for 63 miles to the west of the Twin Cities and begins in Plymouth, MN.

This paved trail is another great option west of the Twin Cities.  The trail is just over 15 miles and connects to an additional 12 miles of trail in Carver County.  This is another great trail that is part of the Three Rivers Park District. 

Theodore Wirth Regional Park - adventure and easy rides

Theodore Wirth Park located in Minneapolis has several trails of various types and links to other area trails such as the Luce Line and Bassett Creek Regional Trails. Once at the park, riders can choose from 7 short loops of single-track trail ranging from 0.2 to 3 miles. Check out the description of the trails on the Minneapolis Parks website. More information about the Theodore Wirth Single Track trails can be found on the  MTB Project website and on the Loppet Foundation website.

An added bonus to choosing the Theodore Wirth destination is the opportunity to jump on and off the track by riding along the Theodore Wirth Parkway. 

Trails range from easy to difficult and at times move from intermediate to difficult in the same loop. 

Need Detailed Trail Information?

Several websites exist that have excellent information about bike trails nationally and here in Minnesota. We recommend visiting these sites for more information about trails in your location. 

A great place to begin is Explore Minnesota’s bike trail page.

Or, check out the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Bike Trail Page.

For detailed trail information and maps visit Trail Link.

An outstanding resource for those interested in mountain biking is the MTB Project website.