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Q: What if the trail is closed the day of our scheduled rental?

A: Trail closures happen due to changing weather conditions.  In the event your trail is closed you will need to choose from the remaining trail options.  Paved and gravel options are always available. 

Q: What if it the weather isn’t good, such as rain or extreme temperatures?

A: You are welcome to bike in all conditions, but you may cancel in the event of rain outs or severe conditions.  It may be possible to schedule your ride around weather events.  There are plenty of days that start or end with blue skies. We will work with you to adjust your rental period as needed and if possible.

Q: What is the refund policy in the event of weather events?

A: If weather is going to be an issue for more then half the day and you choose not to ride, you will be issued a full refund. Passing rain or sprinkles are not considered a weather event that warrants cancellation.  

Q: What is your policy regarding cancellations?

A: Reservations for groups of 4 or more must be cancelled 5 days in advance. 

Cancellation for reservations for less than four riders must be done 48 hours in advance. 

If we cannot reschedule your ride and the cancellation was done according to the guidelines above, we will refund your rental fee. 

Q; What skill level is required to ride an e-bike?

A: E-bikes are fairly simple to ride for those familiar with riding regular bikes.  We offer two levels of riding experience.

Easy:  Paved and gravel trails such as the Luce Line or Green Line, are easy to ride and enjoyable for sightseeing. 

Moderate to difficult:  Mountain bike trails such as the Elm Creek or Lake Rebecca singletrack wind thru forests and meadows with elevation climbs and downhills.  These trails require biking skills.  These are ADVENTURE rides.  If you are not looking for an adventure, please stay on the easy trails. Each mountain bike trail has paved and gravel trails nearby.  If you are unsure of your skill level take the bike on these easy trails until you feel confident enough to try the mountain bike trail.  If you feel uncomfortable on the Mountain bike trail return to the easy trails and enjoy the day! 

Q: How do I keep from hurting myself or wrecking the bike on the trails?

A: Slow down and take it easy!  The average speed for a decent mountain biker on a course he knows well is 7-8 mph.  Your fat tire e-bike will go 20 mph.  Nearly every fast stretch will end in twisting curves that you must slow down to navigate. These courses were designed to keep speeds down which allows the rider to navigate the fun stuff and enjoy the surroundings.

Q: What happens if my bike breaks down?

A: We rent new bikes and maintain them after every use, but breakdowns and accidents do happen. In the event your bike breaks down we will reach you as fast as we can and either repair it or give you a replacement bike.

Q: What if I damage the rental bike?

A: It happens.  If you purchased the Oops Insurance for $9.99, everything is covered, period.  Otherwise repair fees range from $25 – $100 depending on the type of damage. 

Flat tires and chain breaks are not considered damage.  

Q: Can I rent a bike for multiple days?

A: Currently we are renting bikes for 1, 2, 4, and 8 hour periods, but if you would like a multi-day rental, please use our Contact Us Form to request a quote. 

Q: Can I rent bikes for a corporate event? 

A: Yes!  We can deliver bikes to your event and let everyone have a ride.  Perfect for those events already close to trails.

Use our Contact Us Form to request a quote or more information. 

Q: How can I become an All Trails E-Bikes Affiliate Partner?

A: We welcome inquiries from people who wish to set up their own E-Bike Rental business in partnership with All Trails E-Bikes.

Visit our Affiliate Partnership Page for more information.