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Become an All Trails E-Bikes Affiliate Partner Start Your Own E-Bike Business!

Be part of the e-bike adventures rental wave.  All Trails E-bikes is now accepting affiliate partners as we work to become the first and number one e-bike adventure rental business in this fast-emerging market. 

All Trails E-Bikes is looking for affiliate partners that are passionate about biking and want to make a living doing what they love.  Our goal is to combine the strength of our affiliates so that together we can command higher SEO rankings, leverage group buying power, and create higher margins on sales. 

All Trails E-Bike Rentals has created a low-cost start-up model that provides instant cash flow and low overhead business for entrepreneurs passionate about biking. 

Here are the highlights

The Business Model

All-Trails E-Bikes provides E-bike rentals and delivers them directly to the customer’s ride destination. Our enclosed trailer model keeps the overhead low.  After the days’ rentals, the bikes are put back in the trailer, you drive it home and plug the trailer in for charging.  Bikes are charged in the trailer and ready to go the next day.  All-Trails E-Bikes owners can provide guided tour options to add revenue.  At the end of the rental, your customers are excited about owning an E-bike and you are there to provide them the product line and suggest the right bike for their needs. Bikes can be shipped directly to the customer or for an extra fee you can assemble and deliver.  Typical margins on bike sales are $500-$1,500. 

Getting Started

The Advantages of the All Trails E-Bikes Affiliate Model

Our agreement is simple.  We believe in the value of like-minded people working together to maximize our shared opportunities.  Our value proposition is as follows:

The value derived will be greater than the cost of becoming an affiliate partner.  If an affiliate partner determines the value is not exceeding the cost or is not pleased with the model for any reason,  they are free to sell, discontinue, or start their own independent e-bike rental business. 

There are no extra fees, restrictive contracts, non-competes, period.

Our Core Beliefs

Learn More

For more information about starting an affiliate All Trails E-Bikes rental business, please complete the form below. 

Setting Up the All Trails E-Bikes Trailer